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Images of Cupid - The cute valentine's day icon. Cupid pictures and Graphic image of Cupid. All these pictures of cupid are free an you can download and use them on your myspace, and other non-profit website.

TitleValentine's Cupid with Violin
DescriptionCupid with in Bows and Arrows converted to a Heart shaped Violin

Love Poem - Be Near Me

Author: Xavier Johnson★★★
I feel so weak. I can't move until you touch
me. My heart beats so slow. I have no
strength in my arms unless I'm holding you.
Can't speak until I kiss you. I can't see
unless my eyes are blessed by your presence. ...(Cont.)

" " I wish u to be by my side To help my eyelids to hug together I wish u to be by my side When the morning sun kisses ... " » Full Quote

- Jisha Praveen» Love Quotes

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