Short Love Quotes - Cute Short Quotes About Love

Sometimes, a few romantic, loving words can mean a lot to your lover. The short love quotes and short love sayings listed below are some of the best in its class. Sweet and cute short quotes about love. Short Love Quotes are ideal conversation starters and is the best way to open a romantic moment.

These love quotes are short and one liners, but holds deep feelings of romantic emotions within them and the depth of each of the short love quote is easily understood by anyone in Love.

Short Love Quotes

  • YOU are the MEANING of my LIFE...!
    YOU are the DREAMS of my THOUGHTS...!
    YOU are the LYRICS of my FEELINGS...!
    YOU are the LITERATURE of my SILENCE...!
    YOU are the JOURNEY of my EMOTIONS...!
    YOU are the TRANSLATION of my PATH...!
    YOU are the DEFINITION of my IDENTITY...!
    YOU are EVERYTHING for ME...!
    I am NOTHING without YOU...!

  • Loving someone makes u happy nd fulfiled and wen dey love u back it is like a dream come true.

    Bella Queen
  • Touch his heart not his body
    Steal his attention but not his manliness
    Make him smile don't steal his tears

  • In a long lasting relationship, honesty and trust must exist.

    Debojit Dutta
  • People that are meant to be together
    always find their way in the end.

  • You came in my life like a candy in my mouth. Now am so drunk in love with you.

    Maduwa Thabo
  • You have entered into my heart through my thoughts to my soul, I love you from my soul.

    Maduwa Thabo
  • There is only one thing that Is impossible for me... And that is to stop thinking about you.

    Maduwa Thabo
  • I never loved my 'PAPA' with the expectation of giving him back,the love,he gave me from my childhood. I even can't think of comparing my love with PAPA's.For me,
    he is an Angel sent from God.I truely love my PAPA.

    Musaib nabi lone
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