4 years ago

hi, so i dated this guy for nearly 3 months and everything was going smoothly and then he just sort of said he needed to separate from me but he said he would like to remain friends. So now we are friends yet he keeps on sending me mixed signals and some of the time we end up getting a bit romantic and whenever i ask him what this means he says he's confused with himself. I can't stop liking him and i think i might even love him and i just want to be with him again in that way because not being with him is killing me and i just want to work out what he's feeling so i can fix his problems.

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  • 4 years ago

    so u make ur or his friend talk wid him who is so close to the guy n make them to ask that do he really luv u if he is confused its true that he loves u because if he does not he would change the topic when ever u would ask him this question i think there is some problem thats making him far away from u try this hope ur problem will solve soon n may god give u ur love ALL THE BEST!!!

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