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first love

User : anynomes
Submitted on : May 23, 2009
Oh my, I saw him,
There, across the room.
He's tall, handsome, amazing!
His dangerously dark brown hair,
Blew in the wind from the open window above.
His deep, dark, eyes sparkled in the sunlight.

Sighs, I'm so nervous to talk to him,
Speechless, do I speak, or do I watch from my seat?
Oh boy! He's looking at me!
Eeek! What do I do?
I know, I'll smile; that's simple after all.

My face is warm; his is red,
Are we blushing? Is this love?
Ah! I'm not sure what to do!
I know, I'll write him a letter!
No wait, why spend minutes writing a letter?
Especially a letter to a cute boy?
Oh! What the heck, I shall write it.

I heard he name, oh what a dreamy name,
It floats in my head like a perfect fantasy,
Okay, back to work; time to write the letter,
"Dear..." No! "Hey, what's up?" Never!
He turned his head from me for a minute,
I do the same, I can sense us both blushing.

Okay let's try this again,
"Hey... Umm... Well, I was wondering,
wanna go out some time? Write back."
I folded the note and threw it at him,
It hit him in the head, now I'm more embarrassed.
Im so nervous on what he will say!
He's so dreamy, oh I hope he says yes!

He just glanced at me; Now, he's writing something!
He threw it back with a charming smile on his face,
Do I open it? my hands are shaking, but I must
"Yes, I will" Is what it said!
I'm going to die; he said yes!
I smile warmly, he blushes and smiles back.

Let's see, we blushed,
We smiled and giggled,
He felt it too,
It was love, yes.
But, not just love, true love.
It's called love at first sight!
And finally, I have found the love of my life...


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