Love Poem by Mikaela Knapp

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Sorry Isnt Good Enough

Submitted on : Dec 14, 2008
A Boys Last Chance

A Girls Last Words

A Heart So Black

A Heart So Cold

His Life Was Pain

His Knife Was Cold

Covered In Blood

The Ground Stained Red

His Heart Stopped

His Love Gone

He Gave His Life

For Her To Love

His Knife Stole His Life

She Stole His Heart

She Heard His Body Scream

She Heard It Hit The Floor

Her Heart Stopped For The Moment

Her Eyes Began To Water

She Knew The Deed Was Done

She Walked To His Room

And Opened The Door

She Saw The Blood On The Floor

The Knife In His Chest

His Eyes Glazed Over

His Clothes Stained Red

Her Eyes Began To Water

Her Tears Stained The Wood

She Walked Towards His Body

Her Hands Shaking As She Saw His Arms

Her Name Cut Into His Arms

His Love Declared Openly

Held To His Chest By The Knife

Was The Picture Of Her

She Took For Him

Her Heart Felt Like It Exploded

~Mikaela Knapp

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