Love Poem by francis x reilly (frank)

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I Love All Of You, My Darling...

Submitted on : Feb 4, 2009
I love all of you, my darling-
even your thickly coated tongue
which hangs so limply
to one side of your mouth
like a roll of infected tongue ham.

Do you love me, my sweet snookums?
Hah? Do ya? Hah?
Well, my lovely
little pickle-faced girl,
it doesn't matter if you love me.

But...but just allow me to
lick one of your bloodshot eyes
as I caress your always moist nose.
Oh...I shudder at the warm
and sticky feel of the thick
green mucoid pflegm
that more often than not
dangles like a snot icicle
from one or the other of your
nasal apertures.
Gawd help stretches like taffy
reaching almost to your
asymmetrical breasts.

I love you, my darling!
Are you still enamored of me?
I'm your little Boo Boo!

~francis x reilly (frank)

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