rejected and don't know y

6 years ago

hi i was in a relationship with a boy and we were perfect we were really close we both loved each other very much and was sure that our relationship was going to last forever but it was our anniversary and i waited for a text or a phone call and recieved nothing so i text him and told him happy anniversary and how much i love him and i did'nt get a reply i waited and waited and i got no reply it so happened that i was talking to one of my firends and they said that they are talking to him on the phone right now i felt really hurt to know that he was talking to my friends and i sent him a message and he did'nt reply so as much as it was going to hurt me i told him that it was over i broke his heart and made him cry he made me cry too we stopped talking to each other because we were both heart broken then after a while he stated back to speak to me but i could'nt talk back to him because i still loved him so i completly ignored him we still love each other but we don't speak i was outside talking to a boy and he looked at the boy really hard he came outside again and looked at me and the boy then he came and was like what are yall talking about but i walked off and he continued talking to the boy and the boy told him that he liked me then he went to the gaurd and cry when i found that out i could'nt take it anymore i text him and asked hi for another chance and got no replyand don't know y

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Love Poem - No More Words No More Lies

Author: Vis★★★
no more words no more lies,
let it before it dies,
hear the words, hear the pain,
the last of love ENDS in vain.
Sweet in start, bitter ...(Cont.)