My love♡

4 years ago

My love is suffering from pancreatitis.he needs treatment soon.But we don't have enough money for the treatment.if treatment is not given his life may end.I'm worried alot and I don't know what to do...:'( I love him alot.I can't imagine a life without him

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  • 4 years ago

    Hi sweetie Try raising money through gofundme & also set up fundraisers, yard sales, bake sales, things like that, to try to help. You care so much and that is what matters

" The stroke of death is as a lovers pinch, Which hurts and is dersired "

- William Shakespeare» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Pain In My Heart

Author: Jessica★★★★
she is walking on the path of love leaving me
behind as she's found the love that's real
Now her wounded heart is healed, finally
No, she tried but she can't hide all her joy ...(Cont.)