8 years ago

how should i get contact with?how should i tell him that i love him?i have made him as brother but want to make him as can i find that he likes me?

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  • 8 years ago

    Make him to get jealous by talking to his close friends or other guys...

  • Pav
    8 years ago

    Sorry Arnya...

    But whats with people in here??? why do they make "Namesake" Brothers/sisters??? is it that easy?????

    Do people forget a brother/sister relationship is very scared? it has its own responsibilities tagged. then,why do people who are elder they call elder brother or people who are younger then younger sister...!!!!! JUST FOR NAMESAKE??

    If you have respect towards some one elder/younger then just keep in ur heart n show the respect in some mannerism. its not nessesary to tag the name with brother/sister.
    I personally feel its insane to call every other person brother/sister . UNLESS the person is related to family.
    Let people be unique. Use their NAME to address them . Don't tag anything else.

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