7 years ago

I love a boy ..... his name is rahul , he dosent love me ..... he loves another girl , bt that girl has got married , bt still he wants her ......i cant live without him ......... he is everything for me ........ he says m her best friend , he understands me so well ........ we know each other since last one year ............. what should i do .....????

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  • Pav
    7 years ago

    Ayushi... (nice name :) )

    So, it looks like triangle love story ....!!?

    He wants to be with some one who got married already???!!!!!!! that's does not sound right Ayushi...
    Ayushi are you sure that he will love you the way he loves the other girl? if not....are u ok with that?? you, know him only for one year, its too soon for u to get serious on this relationship i guess.

    Ayushi, my advice to you is, you must let him go... make him single, then only he will have time to sort out things in his mind n life. he must be left alone for a while to get rid of her thoughts. He must be clear in his intentions towards you, before you confess love to him.

    If he is in love with married girl ,and he is being close to u disturbing your thoughts .....this relationship will go no where!....n you both will be the losers, while the other girl happily settles in her married life. (plz think about it Ayushi)

    I feel you must move on...n leave him for good. (person madly in lv

  • Pav
    7 years ago


    I feel you must move on...n leave him for good. (person madly in lv with a married girl is always a bad sign)

    If u guys get into relationship with each other without a minimum clarity...THEN for both of u this relationship will be a compromise ( u will always know he love her) and ( he will lv her but he will be with u) thts just a compromise is in it?

  • 5 years ago

    i also very love a girl his name is ayushi yadav but she love another boy and she something something love also me but i don't no she completely love me

  • 5 years ago

    Ayushi still dñt get collapse...still you have the chance to continue loving him...but unfortunately he can accept your will.

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Lost Love
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