I am a bit confused......

5 years ago

I asked my good friend Brian out and he said no. I'm undrstanderly upset. I really like him and although he said no I still think he likes me. We are always messing with each other. He often teases me but in a nice way. People keep saying we should go out and I want to. I can be myself around him (borrowing Sarah Webb's expression) Brian and I, we just click. I looked at him in Science class today and he gave me this really caring look back. And the other day I went home early and he text me "R u ok???????" he said he was worried about me. We text each other nearly every day after school despite being in nearly all the same classes.A while ago my friend said "He likes you, you know" very matter-of-factly. Can anyone help me? Does he like me or what?

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  • 5 years ago

    I am situation right now with this one girl but I just don't see me and her workin out... I suggest you ask him if he likes you the same way and try see if it would work out and if not at least you guys are friends

  • 5 years ago

    May b he likes u or he is ur frnd thts y he is take care of urs u should spend sum quantity of time wid each other may he ll say their feelings wht he feel. Abt u

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