How to love A Person

7 years ago

How can I love two girls at the same time? I have two girlfriends, I do not know the main person to choose. And the two of them love me very much.

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  • 7 years ago

    Sit down and make a list of the best things you like about a girl. Then write both girls names and check each quality they have. Whoever has the most, wins your heart I guess. Before making your final decision, think, do I really love her? The chart should look like this v Girl A Girl B QUALITIES X Smile X Not afraid to cry Or whatever,you personalize its is your future! X X Genuine Hope it works out , Glitter Girl X Smart

" Love is a game that two can play and both win. "

- Eva Gabor» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Love Is Giving

Author: S arun★★★★
Earth rotates around the Sun,
Moon rotates around the Earth,
Some rotates around Money,
i rotates around you.