Friend and I both in love with the same boy?

9 years ago

I won't admit to my feelings because she likes him. She wants to give up on him because everyone thinks he's crazy in love with me, but I don't want her to get hurt. She's known him longer, but I just met him and he's all over me. She was convinced that he had some feeling for her and I was convinced too, but he had me standing between his legs, hugging me all the time, and picking me up. He couldn't even leave me alone for a minute, he would just come up n hug me or try to get me to go somewhere with him. For example, we were at the mall he bought lunch and we ate together. My friend saw us and I could tell she was hurt. She doesn't understand how I'm so "confident" with myself, but I just say I'm not, just hyper because im not confident. But, she argues by saying I make bold moves to get attention from ppl I like. I wanna go out with him, but I dont wanna hurt her? help?

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  • 9 years ago

    Well ask urself is dis guy worth it? Cuz if u truly do lik him then ur friend would accept it.but guys come and go but good friends are forever. so my advice is dont let 1 guy come between u 2

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