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you cared.

User : Carly
Submitted on : Sep 22, 2009
if you cared anything,
anything at all,
you would have stopped pretending,
stopped pretending,
stopped petending that everythig was alright,
that everything was cool,
i cant wrap my head around it,
why you let me go on,
on and on, you hurt me charlie,
why did you do this,
why didnt you stop me from the start,
i ogt way to caught up in you,
i have wasted too many tears,
and too much time,
you said to me that dreams can come true,
you crushed them all down right there infront of my face,
my dream is no more,
i no longer consider you a friend,
i thought we were tight,
the kinda friends who tell each other everything,
dont lie ad dont keep secrets,
you kept the biggest secret from me,
you lied too many times,
you broke my heart,
and i cant find the peices,
you acted badly and you didnt need to,
you say you cared well,
you couldnt have cared any less,
you dont call me back,
you dont answer my texts,
you ruined my life,
without the slightest regret,
i do, i regret,
i regret telling you all my poems,
i regret telling you all my feelings,
i am sorry if these lines are making you sad,
but this is the last time i pour my feelings out to you,
you broke my heart,
that will always be unforgiven.


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