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The Dream

User : Tiffany L.
Submitted on : Feb 10, 2010
I dreamt about this day,
the day i never thought would come,
the day we lost every thing we had,
the day we would have to start over,
the day our home burnt to the ground,
in a matter of seconds,
in the matter of minutes,
we may not of lost any one,but we did lose something,
we lost our home,
so now 13 people our homeless,
living with a family member,
4adults and 9kids
And that one person who thinks her dreams our a sign, but doesn't know what they mean,
Until it happens,
I know now I should go through my dreams and take some time to listen to them,
if i did listen that night,
Then on February 9,2010
those 13people counting me could still have their home,
to go to
after school,
after work,
and after the sun goes down
they could all sleep,
and not be afraid

~Tiffany L.

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