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Submitted on : Dec 21, 2008
The type of my love is shown in the letters i type
citing my heart in every sentence
like a death sentence love has sentenced me to be with her
or is it destiny?

I click to browse through life's files because she is an attachment to happy living
the password to the definition of beauty

if only i could hack into her love system and brainwash the little soft drive called her heart
install a virus that will make her dream to dream of me in real life,which is virtually impossible

from my eye's point of they her skin is more than microsoft its megasoft
soft to the power of six
just wish I can get to form a heterogeneous mixture of our outer covers
and become homogeneous lovers

from a tinted version of my eye lenses
i think we click more than the right and left clicks combined
thats why we are so neutral like a car we are going nowhere
until I find that email address...Your Exclusive mail address.....Damn

~Steve Mochosa

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