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Nameless (part 2)

Submitted on : Oct 26, 2008
My heart doesnt have a name
My soul has lost all its faith
Integrity is beaten by loneliness

Every night a dream is launched
launched into the bigger picture of my mind
Starring a beautiful someone
produced by God himself
Directed by the angels

There's a voice in my inner self
shouting her name constantly
begging me to do the right thing

But my mind cant distinguish between right and wrong
because her face makes me speechless
I can feel my hand shaking
my voice is breaking i guess i'm afraid

Is it her beauty that makes me like this?
Or is it because i care?

Because my eyes are always astounded
my love is always found
her voice has been copied into the V.I.P section of my brain
and duplicated for future reference

reference of the soft hearted
coz since i saw her love is around me hate has departed
thoughts are coming into my brain department

everynight i look at the stars,but they dont shine enough
then I go and sit in the dark, but its not dark enough
then i start to think of her,because no matter how much i think of her,i never get enough.

I need her signature on my heart
engraved with letters of diamonds
and polished with the scents of love.

~Steve mochosa

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