Love Poem by Summer McDaniel

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I think About

Submitted on : Dec 15, 2011
I sit on my couch just thinking about being in your arms,

I think about how much i hate being away from you everyday i have to leave your side,

I think about how much i love you and that no one else matters to me as much as u do,

I think about how special you are to me and that i would die if anything bad ever happened to you,

I think of how many people have a problem with us being together, but that never gets to use cause we don't care what people think bout us,

I think about everytime you tell me you love me, how much it makes me all happy and smile,

I just want you to think about me every second of the day and that you'll always no that i love you more then anything in the world.

~Summer McDaniel

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