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Blue Teddy

Submitted on : Aug 3, 2009
I gave you a blue teddy bear
not too long ago
I already knew
It wasnt the kind of gift you wanted
But you still hugged it
Smiled and said, "mine."

The happy times past'd by too quickly.

Now you dont even have the same heart, that I feel in love with..
Now I dont know why, I still try too act blind..
Now your soul has grown darker, while I've become brighter.

Why do things change?

I'm sure it was my fault.
I've hurt you, for stupid reasons.
But so have you, just the same.

But still, I take the blame.

We went in cycles
around and around

I'm sorry.

But I got sick
The world turned into a blurr.
So I had to pick
Either too do it painfully Slow
or Quick

Quick was my answer
And Quick was your confusion

what I thought was my heart

Looking at you
Your just has dark as ever
Your still have that same smile
Your letting this go too easily

as if it was
Painfully Magical; Ending
The cycle.
The love that we share.
And letting me find
A ripped up Teddy bear
As I float in my cold sea of secerts.

I wish I could tell you. . .


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