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lost love note...

User : tiff
Submitted on : Mar 20, 2015

Dear baby
This is my first letter
I hope when you read this
It makes your day better
I promised all my love
And you didn't believe
Here it is, like I said,
How I feel 'bout you and me
We only been speakin' for like
A week on msn
But if other girls try (look)
Straight I'm tellin' them
I've got a boye that I wanna be
More than a friend
Even though you're far away
I think what we have ain't pretend.

I wish I was this ink that's
Comin' out my pen
Then I could feel your touch
After the letter sends
I wanna prove I can love you
Better than any men
I know it might sound cheesy
But baby you are a ten
I wanna know exactly how
You're feelin' for me
And when I get the money
I will definately come to see
I can't help countin' down
The days until we meet
Nuff love
Write back
Xx from T


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