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8 years ago

i have spilt up with my x boyfriend of 6 years last april since then we have kept cotacted but its no fadeing i love this man very much heart and soul. and we were building a life togeather. at first this man loved me very much treated me like a queen. he has a lot of family issues and when we first got togeather that put strain on us his mam kicked him out of the family home and he had no one but me and my family and that was fine. i helpt him true it but over the course of time he chanced he couldnt show his love for me treated me bad. we lost a child and he wasnt their for me emonaily. now we are spilt because i didnt beleave he loved me i wasnt getting back what i deserved. i taught i was his everything and just that his family hurt him he behaved this way. but now he tells me im his past i use to be his everything but i dont get it he treatd me bad he lost me and wont addmit it i taught he would come after me and get me back but its nearly a year now. and i want to know if this man really loves me and is ever going to see that i was his everything

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  • 8 years ago

    I am sad to say but i think he has moved on and you need to too. He has hurt you and you have suffered enough, the loss of a child is quite a big deal and if he wasn't there to comfort you in your time of need he never will. Move on find a better guy, be happy, forget the past, let your new man treat you even better because every girl deserves that. I hope you get everything you deserve because no one should go through that. xxx

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