When hurt me all days

8 years ago

I have a girlfriend she is dating another guy i tried to stop here but she never stops and she keep saying she loves me at same rate he loved the other guy..
i cant continue with this but i love her.

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  • Mia
    8 years ago

    i would like to say , dont give up on your feelings, but the reality is " give her time " dont harass her, let her comes to you and you'll see if she loves u or no, im in the same situation i used to give him chance and for thanking me he said that we need a break. be strong , dont talk to her for awhile, be stronger than me. take care

  • Pav
    8 years ago

    Sneazy .... is this ur name? ...if it is, then its kinda unique... :) I do agree with Mia. But i guess no one can love 2 persons @ the same rate! if you really LOVE her... then DONT GIVE HER A CHANCE TO CHOOSE! i hope u understand wht i mean.

    I mean, if she loves the other person but she chooses to be with you, then that means, u r just a choice.. n she will always love the other person. So plz be with someone "WHO CHOSE TO LOVE YOU...NOT WHO CHOSE TO JUST BE WITH YOU"

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