What to do?

3 years ago

What do you when you have some love for someone who treats you so great and in love with someone who is trying to show you how much they have changed?

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  • Amy
    3 years ago

    this all depends on how much you love the person, if the one your in love with is trying to make a change and is keeping u happy then go with that person, but think about this do you think that person will hurt u again? If ur answer is "yes" then i suggest u give the other person a try! Hope this helps :)

" Why Do We Love People We Know Will Hurt Us, Yet We Sit There And Wish They Would Come Back And Love Us The Way We Love Them. "

- Heart» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Reason To Stare

Author: Terio Ruiz ★★★
My dream of you drives away my nightmare
Your spit polishes the roof of my mouth
I am spoiled by your tender, love and care
Our direction is up north not south
Could I picture my being without you? ...(Cont.)