what should i do ?

6 years ago

i have feelings for my best friend but shes in a realtionship but she says she still has feelings for me do wait or make a move

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  • 6 years ago

    wait for the right time, you will know when it comes. Either she will come to you or your heart will tell you to go and confront her.

  • 6 years ago

    do make a move i mean move on if that friend is really your bestfriend how come she treat you like that best friends are not meant to hurt each other even if you felt the same way because you know exactly each other is not the point go search other one for the best and for the right time i've been with that situation to but you know what i get is no good no happiness it was only sadness. your friend in a realtionship 50/50 chances you are a boyfriend well take good care of GF you might now losing your way. dont wait just move on that choice is better.

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