what is love?

8 years ago

what to do to impress my boy friend, or to achieve our love.................
my boyfriend have a crush of someone. i can't understand that he loves me or not

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  • 8 years ago

    just be of a good and a real person . . . do what makes him happy and satisfy to the extent of what you can give. admiration is just normal to all of us . . . even you, you know that you too have a crush on someone else, but that doesn't mean that he loves you any less. the only difference is you knew whom he was admiring to. in fact, that can be an advantage to your part 'cause you know who's to be better with . . . admiration is far different from loving someone else. if you got a problem with that, solve it. TRUST is the most foundation you should earn this time . . .believe in your relationship and stay in love . . .

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Love Poem - *BELiiEVE MEE*

Author: Tabbitha carter★★★
id take the chance for you,
id dodge the bullet for you,
it wouldnt matter you dont love me you try to
play me out over and over and i fell for it..
i was stupid making myself feel worthless but ...(Cont.)