What Are The Steps to get close to your crush?

4 years ago

how can i get close to my crush ? should i be his friend first or just go with it and become GF and BF with him ? I'm very confused about my feelings, sometimes i love him and sometimes i hate him and i always ignore and avoid him, is this bad ?

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  • 4 years ago

    I personally feel you should start about by being friends. But not just any type of friends. become friends that will only go from friends to boyfriend & girlfriend. in other words try to not get friend zoned. & you should try & figure out how you feel first, & then see where that takes you.

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Love Poem - It's Real

Author: Veni★★★
You are trying to punish the one who has
harmed you
You are trying to protect yourself
But the one that you are trying to punish is
the one who wants to put their arms around ...(Cont.)