pain full love

8 years ago

there is a guy who i love him.... bt he had already a girlfriend... there are broke up now.... he knows dat i love him... he also said that he wants me..if i be with him he feels happy..... he said he had some feeling .... but he was afraid that if he start a new life with me.... then what happen to his ex-girl frnd ... if she come backs for him what he has to do... he dont to hurt me... he dnt wnt to hurt her.... but i am loving him my childhood... i am unable to forget him.... what to do...

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- Herman Hesse» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Love Isn't Love Without YOu

Author: KAtie YOung★★★★
Your Heart lights me up with your smile
I want u 4 4ever not just a little while.
When I see u i loose a thought.
Trying not to love u i s harder than any
battle I have ever fought. ...(Cont.)