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5 years ago

My BF proposed me once. That time i didnt reply him. After 3 months, when i talked to him casually, i came to know that he had forgotten his love and he was very anger also. After some days, after knowing about his character, i began to love him and then i proposed him. He is Christian and i m Muslim girl. That time he told to leave him for some days alone. So, i thought he s needing some time and hence i didnt disturb him for few months. After few months, when i chat with him, he gave me his number and told to SMS him and then he will call him. I did that for about 2 times but he didnt call me at all. Hence i got anger and scolded him badly.. After that he didnt call me and told me not to call him or message him as he said that he was already engaged with another girl. I scolded him badly for this. Also, i cant understand why he gave me his no to SMS him since he said that he want to avoid all female frds and also if he was already engaged with some other girl. Then we break-up as he has blocked my e-mail and my phone no also after this incident. Hence i was unable to contact him. After few days, i came to know that he has not at all engaged with any girl and he has not told me truth... In this situation, i cant understand why he behaved like that.. Now I m helpless. Pl suggest some ideas as i want him back.. Thanks in advice for ur suggestions..

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" I'm so sure life wouldn't go on without you And I don't know if I can make it through the pain. "

- My broken heart» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Alone

Author: Hannah★★★
I stand alone, sad and in the cold.
Waiting I look for help a sign a figure,
but all I see is you.
You standing next to your love which is not
me, but her. ...(Cont.)