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6 years ago

My crush broke up with her boyfriend and started to like me. We went out shortly after she broke up with me because she was still dealing with her ex boyfriend. I still have feelings for her but she got back together with her boyfriend. Advice?

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  • 6 years ago

    my lover are fully avoided.not share in any other person.lover marriage sucess or failure

  • 6 years ago

    hows it going mate ,you probably feel horrible and feel used like a rebound . thats normal to still have feelings ofcourse you gonna still have feelings but over time you'll realise that ,you probably deserve better in the mean time focus on yourself and do something you like, hobbies keep yourself busy , something new

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Love Poem - The Stars

Author: _eunnie_★★★
Can you see the stars?
one of them signifies Frienship
one of them signifies Hatred and,
one of them signifies you..
The brightest star is you ...(Cont.)