My love asks me

6 years ago

I love a girl and I have have sayed 'I Love You' to her. She says no to me. But still I'll say 'I love You' to her daily. One day she asked me that if I say 'I love You' to you than what do you do. Please tell me what I have to say her. My age - 14 Her age - 14

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  • 6 years ago

    Maybe tell her the point why you say I love you....Maybe tell her you like her in a special way

  • 6 years ago

    You cant rush her or make her feel pressured into saying it, although you are ready she seems not to be. Tell her you would never pressure her into ever saying anything she doesn't want to say and make it known that although you feel that way she can take all the time she wants until she feels ready. she is probably just a bit shocked and slightly frightened as you are both young and she hasnt ever loved anyone before

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strong when nothing is right and everythings ...(Cont.)