My best friend and best guyfriend

8 years ago

My best friend recently told me she has feelings for my best guyfriend, who has feelings for her... And i know I should be happy for them and everything.. But I don't want them to start something and then forget all about me. I love tyhem both, and they both mean the world to me. So I don't want any wrecked relationships because of this. And I am NOT jealous, infact I have a boyfriend, who I really like, and that's why this is bugging me, I don't know what my problem is.... Please help!!!!!

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Love Poem - You Are...

Author: Bryan millard★★★
you are my star to my burst, the for to my
ever, the sun to my shine, my lace to tennis
shoes, my eye to my brow, the nossterels to
my nose, u are mine.