My Best Friend!

6 years ago

Okay So I like my best friend and my best friend likes me! ( P.S. he is a boy and I'm a girl! lolz) We get into fights all the time but its because we are not going out that we fight?! Should we go on and see if it works out or just both move on?

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" Love is not about how many times u say "I LOVE U" but how much u can prove it is true!!! "

- jody mentel» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Everything

Author: Mandi★★★
i could be your favorite blue jeans with the
holes in the knees, in the bottom of the top
drawer. i can be a little beauty queen; just
a little out of reach. and the girl next door
i be your angel giving up her wings, if that ...(Cont.)