move on

8 years ago

how can i move on from my past, if he's continuesly ignoring me, and i dont know what to do.? i cant move on, its too hard for me. from now on i just want to find my true love,

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  • 6 years ago

    Baka panget ka kaya ayaw na saio...wag mo pilitin ang taong ayaw saio...try mo magpaganda baka maka move on ka hahahah

  • 6 years ago

    at first the pain at the beginning is really hard the moments everything but try to look out if you just only on shell and hiding forever how can you start in a way you wanted think of your likes and your dreams you can forget that past one by not thinking him always though its hard but you need to do the right thing. the right thing is you need to view out yourself the important that matters in your life there so a lot of someone in these world who needed you and soon you needed them to. you go get out! and have a better life.

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