love triangle

8 years ago

i have these guy and girl classmates.the girl like the guy and so am i whose starting to like him the day he confessed his feelings to me.other classmates of mine knows about the atmosphere of what the guy and i is having right now.but because before,they are being teased by my classmates,both of them is more so-called as a match raher than us.what am i suppose to do in his awkward situation?

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" I loved you,you acted as if loving me!! Whatever it is you played your role well...... "

- prabin» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Please Dont Ask Me ^_^

Author: Angel★★★
Please don't ask me what do i thinking
its words no actions and no one could
measure how much i love,care and miss you
when you're not are the sun that
lighten up my sky, the air that i ...(Cont.)