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8 years ago

i like a boy we both are friends i had helped him in every way i can to come out of his problems in life he comes from a conservative family once when i tried to get close to him he said he like a girl and her name is sweety and from different field then i was on my way but as i love him i kept on helping him whenever he was in problem or needed help then one day he said that his friends dont understand what is between us and we dont get time to be together because of them now i dont understand weather he is in love with me or friendly or just flirting because he said he liked another girl or was this statement a excuse as he needed time and he is from conservative family please help me??????????

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  • 8 years ago

    if you are viewing this then please do reply as i really need help

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Love Poem - Sunshine

Author: joe matterelie★★★
u r my sunshine my only sunshine u make me
happy when skys are gray you'll never know
dear how much i love u please dont take my
sunshine away