Like or Not?

6 years ago

I like one guy but I don't know he likes me or not. How I know he likes me? ☺ He's name is Brijesh and mine is Hema. He always look after me. He is my friend,too.

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  • Amy
    6 years ago

    Well, to figure out if a guy likes you is pretty simple, if he looks at you most of the time, does he feel jealous when he sees you with another guy, it all depends on this, does he respect u more like a friend, a sister, or someone even more. Before taking another step like asking him out, it's best to wait for a while and see if his reactions change. Hope this helps:)

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Love Poem - Your Love Is Like Candy

Author: Ayanna★★★★
When You kiss my lips you taste like
Chocolate and I can feel the Adrenalin rush
When You touch My face I know your ready for
all the things We do and such, I Love for you
to caress me, your love is oh so like Candy ...(Cont.)