is this love..?

5 years ago

before some months a boy proposed me from facebook.on the first time i felt so angry,but he told me sorry.but still he loves i have a doubt about his proposing.i cannot believe him.i know him outside of facebook. now i felt something to him.i don't know what is that.i am so worried about that.i am not interested to love a person.because my parents cannot accept that.but yesterday we quarreled for a simple matter.too many times we quarrel.but this time he become serious.he doesn't message me.can i believe him?is that the problem of my thought?am i love with him??please help me to find that he is serious or fun about me...

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Love Poem - Love

Author: Kashyap★★★
kisi ki yadon ne pagal bana rakha hai,
kahi mar na jaon kafan sila rakha hai,jalane
se pehle nikal lenna is dil ko,
kahi wo na jal jaye jise dil me basa rakha