idk wat to do?

8 years ago

i like this guy who knos i like him and he loves mi but he had problems with his ex and needs time he reads mi poems, says im pretty, makes mi laugh and is sweet. except he tells mi not to wait for him to try to find someone but i want to wait for him. except now there is a guy tht likes mi and told mi im perfect and if there is a chance i told him we could friends?? i dont like him only as a friend i love the other guy but wat should i do???

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" What hurt me was not that I would never know you, What hurt me was that you would never know how much I loved you. " » Full Quote

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Love Poem - Feelings

Author: Neka La'Shay★★★★
I hide my feelings with Laughter,
but really knowing that inside of me
i cry even though the tears aren't falling
from my eyes, and the pain of love shatters
into tiny pieces as if my intestines are ...(Cont.)