i need your help

6 years ago

i was with a lady for over 1 year,then i travel for 10 months without hearing from me. now i am back for her she did't want to back to me,i have been begging her now over 4 months now she still don't want to come back to me and i know she is still in love with me the way i am in love with her

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  • Amy
    6 years ago

    did u ask her the reason why, maybe its cuz u left her for soo long shes afraid u may leave her sort it out together hope this helps:)

  • 6 years ago

    The reason that she is not talking to u is probably because she is afraid.Probably afraid that if she comes back to you you'll just leave again . U have to show her you really care. Hope this helps and hope she comes back to you.

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