I'm in love with my best friend but he's with someone

8 years ago

I'm in love with my best friend but he's with someone. We're really close and he said he likes me and would love to be with me, but he's still with his girlfriend. He's always telling me i'm beautiful and perfect and how much he feels for me but i don't know if i can believe him. Apart of me feels like if he really wanted me he would end it with her. He's been with her now for a year though and i'm scared their going to get married and have kids. On the one hand he's with someone but on the other he says he has feelings for me. We spend alot of time together and he's protective over me when it comes to other guys. Plus, he tells me everything he textes me all the time and says he misses me when he leaves to go home. He's always hugging me and telling me how amazing he thinks i am and on a few occasions he's referred to me as his girlfriend. I don't think he's playing me because i know he isn't like that and i've known him for about 3 years so i know him pretty well. The thing is i was planning on walking away but i love him too much even though it hurts so i've decided to walk if he gets engaged or something to her. I've said on previous occasions we aren't going to happen to try and get that hope out of my head but he says i don't know that because i don't know how much he feels for me. And he said he wants to be with me and we had a really deep conversation where he said he has something to tell me "when the time is right". I've spoken to my mum who absolutely adores him and close friends who adore him too and they think he's going to tell me he's in love with me. They said we have chemistry and we are made for eachother he has said that too but he is still with someone. So what i want to know is does this sound like he loves me and there's hope for us or not..?

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    He hasn't said he loves me just that he has feelings for me and would love to be with me.

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