I just don't know how it happened!

7 years ago

She is my good friend since 5-6 months. 4 month ago i realised that i am in love with her, but afraid to ask or tell her about that because i never wanted to loose her friendship. But i took a decision to tell her everything so that there could be clarity in our relationship as a friend. I told her everything, and said sorry to her for my soft feelings towards her and asked her not to react for that sarcastically and we would still be friend like before . But she felt bad and reacted strangely after my confession and asked me to try to forgot her and it will be hard to regain our friendship!!!! What should i do now?

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Love Poem - DEAR YOU

Author: Colin★★★★
Eye's glazed,
Life is hazed,
Wished to faze away,
Then you came my way,
Your name unkown, ...(Cont.)