i dnt know whether he really love me or not

5 years ago

we have stared our relation from 2,January,2013 he proposed me first and later after five days i accept so its been about 10 months since we are in relation and his response is very weak so i really don't know .so please send me message in Facebook.i have given my face book.

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  • 5 years ago

    Dump him a weak response ur properly jus his trophy girl u can do better dont wait around or take that crap move on

  • 5 years ago

    My name is Sadia, I m in class IV I think a guy likes me bcz he always stair at me.... But the prob is how can I reveal from him that he do. He is also in class IV...

" Love is like a maze...You have to find who u luv and THAT guyy needs 2 "

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Love Poem - Passer-by Night...

Author: Hazem al jaber★★★
no one there..
only ,my pains
here i am carrying my pains...
passing through a lot of thorny ways...
passing through only your eyes... ...(Cont.)