How will I know if he love me too?

8 years ago

How will I know if he love me too?He has girlfriend but he always look at me in a long seconds and his friends know me too but I didn't know them,I think he's the one introduce my name to them.
He show some signs,but I'm not sure

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  • 2 years ago

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  • 2 years ago

    Haiii friends ....i wanted to tell u a big story in short time.... one of my friend was loving a boy... but he was younger then her..... he also loved her a lot... they both where comitted ...but life turns started now...her parents searched a marriage proposal for her.. that time she tried to cancel it...but as he was younger n still not settled in life. He couldnot take any steps..but by forcefull girl married to that guy which looked by thr parents.... and she was very true for her love..she told her lover u be marry good girl rather than me...she cut her relation ship... but her fate was very bad...the man she got married is gay.... so what can she do now in this situation...pls give ur suggestions

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