how to solve my problem?

7 years ago

Hey i am Bharti Rohilla, i love a boy n he really love me a lot. n i wanna live with him, want to make life partner to him want to marry with him ,but he is of other cast and my parents vl never accept him so what to do???

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  • 7 years ago

    first make sure dat he is really da one u want 2nd u should probably listen 2 ur parents cuz day juss tryna do da best 4 u

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Love Poem - Lovin You

Author: Maria★★★
here i am thinking of you when i look up to
the sky i think of you, i talk to you thru
the phone n i dnt want to hang up,babe i
really do love you they aint no other guy
thats the same like you i be lovin you ...(Cont.)