how to say i am love with you

7 years ago

i don't how to say i am with you i don't know how to tell please help me
i am little worried to tell that

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  • 7 years ago

    I love you but I know that u said that its a long relationship but it doesnt matter at less we can call each other

" guys are like a deck of playing cards you need a diamond to marry him you need a club for when your tired of him spade ... " » Full Quote

- Addison Blevins» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Under The Moonlight

Author: V.N.Gonzales★★★★
i still remember what you said that night of
June, when we look upon the moon
you told me that you love me,
i said i love you too
together we promise our love will go through. ...(Cont.)