How do i gain confidence?

6 years ago

I want to know how to gain confidence. Im in high school && the guy that i like is as well. Anyway, I know his sister, and yeah we're friends. However, i really like him. Like alot! My only problem is that i dont have confidence. I know what to say but i dont know how. The problem is my approach. Please help. Im trying && I just want to be able to talk to him more without getting shocked && later be able to tell him what i really feel. Thanks(:

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" you can hurt me till i love you but not after i start hating you "

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Love Poem - Good Bye

Author: Joanne...★★★★
The thought of losing you was hard to bear.
Yet, the thought of saying good bye was
All those times you said you cared.
Lying to me mustn't have been that horrible. ...(Cont.)