how do i express my love??

8 years ago

i have a crush on a celebrity since 2009. i wanna tell it to him .what should i do

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  • 8 years ago

    Well whos your celeb crush? There are so many ways to tell him. In a letter, on the phone, Do you know him personaly? if you do go up and start a casual conversation and start asking him what is his fav things about you. Then if he says all the things that you like about you (and the things you dont)ask him if he like likes you.

" I love you!and i will love you until the day the ocean doesn't touch the sand "

- some singer..i forgot» Love Quotes

Love Poem - If You Did Not Exist

Author: Landsley Alexandre★★★
If you did not exist
Then tell me for who would I exist?
In a world where everything only feels right
with you
I would have climb mountains, cross oceans ...(Cont.)