heart break by a girl what to do ????

5 years ago

I am 15 and i love a girl but she just broke my heart but i still love her what should i do... .s i just cant move on i need some good advice from some of my mates

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  • 5 years ago

    So she thew you under the bus you say? this is a term my nephew would use every time he fell in love with a girl and then she turned and broke his heart. The truth is that you are still young so now you have the opportunity of a life time! My advice enjoy every moment from this day forward, find out what you really want out of life and give it your all, by the time you accomplish all the things you want and love to do. love will show up and hit you right between the eyes in your case your heart. here is what I mean learn how to love yourself and know you are the desire of every woman in the world the only problem is there is only one of you unless you have a twin brother, or brother so depending on your town or city you a four to one ratio four woman to one man which means you will never not fall in love again. hope this helps player!!!!!!!!!!!

" No cord or cable can draw so forcibly, or bind so fast, as love can do with a single thread "

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Love Poem - Since She Left Me

Author: B Smooth★★★
She Left Me Abandoned With My Sadness
And Now Everything Has Changed
What Was Once A Hot Spring
Has Now Turned Into A Cold Winter
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