he flirts with me, but my friend likes him to !

9 years ago

how can i tell if he likes me ... he flirts.. alot and i think he does .... i like him back, but theres one hudge problem, my best friend likes him to ! and if he asks me out what will i do ! shell be pissed and i dont want that to ruin our friendship ! HELP !!!!!

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  • SAt
    9 years ago

    I have only one thing to say care about only those people who love you not for that one's to whom you love.................

  • 9 years ago

    he stares at me....alot...i think. and i think he likes me, and i like him too.but i found out that my bff likes him too!!!! wat if he likes me and not her! wat if she' mad at me for that! i need some help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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