9 years ago

ok there is this guy who says he likes me and says he wants to go out with me so when i walk up to him and he is with his friends he always runs away from me what do i do ?

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  • 9 years ago

    Well One Thing If Yuh Dnt Want Him To Run Away From Yuh Then Tell Him In His Face With His Friends There And Make Sure He Does Not Run Away Tell Him If Yuh Really Loved Me And Yuh Really Want To Go Out With Me Then Start Acting Like It And Just Cause With Yuh Are With Yuh Friends Doesn't Mean Yuh Have To Try To Act Like If Imma Bite Yuh Or Some Thing Just Tell Him That And Then He'll Really No Wuht He Feels For Yuh

  • just try an get him wen hes by him self an he probz runny away for atenshion if he does follow him xx

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